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About us

UAB “SMART WAY” is a constantly growing and operating company with a clear concept of operations for an international and local transportation of cargo that provides transportation services on routes across the Eastern, Western Europe, Scandinavia, the CIS countries.

Over the years of operation, the Company won a strong position on the international transportation market. Our labour experience allows us a good understanding of each client‘s needs and selection of solutions matching everyone‘s needs best of all.

Under consideration of ever-growing needs in the field of transportation of cargo and particularities of the international transportation market, UAB “SMART WAY" renders the following services to its clients:

  • International transportation of cargo (in the Western Europe, Russia, Scandinavian countries and Asia);
  • Optimal selection of transportation routes and methods;
  • Consultations on matters of the international transportation;
  • Customs brokerage;
  • All handling operations;
  • Warehousing.

UAB "SMART WAY" partners are reliable carriers of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia with a long-term experience available. Together with the partners, we create a reliable freight transportation system that allows quick, safe and competitively priced transportation for your goods.

Highly qualified experienced staff responds to a rapidly changing environment quickly, ensures on-time delivery and strict fulfilment of contractual obligations. Upon evaluating of all the requirements that would be applied to carriage of your freight, our staff provides the highest quality of service.

The basic operation principle of our Company is to create the added value for our clients. With the wide network of reliable partners and experience of skilled workers, UAB "SMART WAY" offers only quality services and high service levels. The company is constantly expanding, improving and providing new and diverse solutions to its clients.

Our services:

Transportation is not only the transportation of cargo from point A to point B. This service includes cargo carriage, warehousing, sorting, packaging and distribution as well. UAB "SMART WAY" has a strong logistics base for carriage and warehousing of goods. The company offers high-quality logistic services at attractive conditions.

Road transport is the most popular type of transport. Cost efficient for cargo carriage at short and medium distances. Capability to provide the necessary number of vehicles where it is needed is the major positive feature of the road transport. Trucks are always the first and the last part of the transportation chain.

Under consideration of all peculiarities of international laws and requirements for your cargo carriage, UAB "SMART WAY" experts will work out an optimal route and organize the on-time delivery at competitive prices. Particular attention will be given to ensure the quality of the transportation process as a whole. Innovative solutions and investments into quality improvement process allow us to achieve flawless results.

The principal road transport lines are the Western Europe, Russia, Scandinavian countries and Asia.

Your cargo will be delivered to the right place on time.

Logistics solutions

In order to provide complex services to our customers, we offer warehousing and overload services, rational way to combine various logistic services and methods of transportation, the most efficient logistics solutions on how to coordinate and to transport of cargoes under most favourable conditions while significantly reducing costs.

We offer the intermodal haulage by different means of transport under the optimal conditions and costs for the customer.

Cargo carriage covers transportation of full, LFL, frozen, dangerous cargoes. This is a very broad field that requires very good knowledge of the market and specificity of different goods. Employees of the company specialize in working with certain goods, both by the type of cargo and by different regions. Business managers can offer the most optimal transportation solution by the medium of efficient coordination of activities

Transportation of LFL cargoes is a service used by customers wishing to ship the consignment that is lower than a full load. Full load weight should not exceed 24 tons, and the part load can weigh 100 kilograms or more. The Company can offer its clients the best service by grouping several part loads, choosing of vehicles and optimising routes.

LFL cargo solutions help customers in responding to market needs more flexibly, supporting the due range and reducing transportation costs.

We design logistics systems or some particular parts thereof, i.e. we develop solutions on how the logistic process chain of the client should be arranged in order to achieve the maximal efficiency.


UAB "SMART WAY" currently offers services of a Bonded Customs warehouse as well as Excise warehouse. The warehouses are EU-numbered and certified, entitling the cargo handling and storage both for the EU and export markets. The warehouses can accept all types of goods, the electronic accounting system of incoming/ outcoming cargo is implemented, cargo security is ensured by the cameras monitoring the entire territory and by guard officers staying continuously on duty. Civil liability insurance of all services is available.

Extra storage-related services:

  • Powered and manual handling, including completing, weighing;
  • Control of product quality and documents;
  • Inspection, marking of goods, preparation for transportation, distribution or sales;
  • Sorting, packing of goods, consignment preparation and paletting;
  • Marking and labelling of goods;
  • Veterinary, phytosanitary services;
  • Drawing up of freightage documents;
  • Accounting of commodity flows in the warehouse and reports on performed operations.
Customs service

UAB "SMART WAY" offers to its clients all services of Bonded Customs warehouses, Excise warehouses, execution of customs documentary in Germany, Italy, Poland, Lithuania and customs clearance of cargo in Russia and Kazakhstan.

If non-community goods are stored in the customs warehouse, they are not subject to import duties and levies. The exported subsidized goods are also possible to store at these warehouses. Warehouse-based specialists of the State Food and Veterinary Service, State Plant Protection Service, customs officers and customs clearance brokers will handle all the necessary paperwork in a professional and timely manner.

The warehouses are EU-numbered and certified, entitling the cargo handling and storage both for the EU and export markets.

Services provided in the Bonded Customs warehouses:

  • Storage of goods for unlimited time;
  • Possibility of sale and purchase operations;
  • Sorting and weighting of goods;
  • Cargo preparation for transportation, assembly of disassembled goods;
  • Routine handling operations (packing reconstruction and replacement, completing, adjustment, testing, distribution);

Customs clearance services:

  • Preparation of customs documents;
  • Documenting of trade transactions;
  • Representation of economic entities in declaring goods for all the customs procedures;
  • Representation in customs, public and other services in obtaining licences, certificates, permits;
  • Documenting of export procedures for the subsidized products;
  • Guarantees for suspension of customs duties;
  • Representation at veterinary and phytosanitary services;
  • Consultation and assistance for the economic entities in issues of documenting of customs procedures;
  • Consultation in issues of customs procedures and other sanctioned actions;
  • Drawing up of official requests, replies and claims on tax administration and other institutions and participation in negotiations with the bodies;
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